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 to the different density of matter through which we are  to pass。  You will be necessarily up´borne by the air if you can  renew any impulse upon it faster than the air can recede from the  pressure。;
;But the exercise of swimming察─said the Prince察 is very  laborious察the strongest limbs are soon wearied。  I am afraid the  act of flying will be yet more violent察and wings will be of no  great use unless we can fly further than we can swim。;
;The labour of rising from the ground察─said the artist察 will be  great察as we see it in the heavier domestic fowls察but as we mount  higher the earth's attraction and the body's gravity will be  gradually diminished察till we shall arrive at a region where the  man shall float in the air without any tendency to fall察no care  will then be necessary but to move forward察which the gentlest  impulse will effect。  You察sir察whose curiosity is so extensive察 will easily conceive with what pleasure a philosopher察furnished  with wings and hovering in the sky察would see the earth and all its  inhabitants rolling beneath him察and presenting to him  successively察by its diurnal motion察all the countries within the  same parallel。  How must it amuse the pendent spectator to see the  moving scene of land and ocean察cities and deserts察to survey with  equal security the marts of trade and the fields of battle察 mountains infested by barbarians察and fruitful regions gladdened by  plenty and lulled by peace。  How easily shall we then trace the  Nile through all his passages察pass over to distant regions察and  examine the face of nature from one extremity of the earth to the  other。;
;All this察─said the Prince察 is much to be desired察but I am  afraid that no man will be able to breathe in these regions of  speculation and tranquillity。  I have been told that respiration is  difficult upon lofty mountains察yet from these precipices察though  so high as to produce great tenuity of air察it is very easy to  fall察therefore I suspect that from any height where life can be  supported察there may be danger of too quick descent。;
;Nothing察─replied the artist察 will ever be attempted if all  possible objections must be first overcome。  If you will favour my  project察I will try the first flight at my own hazard。  I have  considered the structure of all volant animals察and find the  folding continuity of the bat's wings most easily accommodated to  the human form。  Upon this model I shall begin my task to´morrow察 and in a year expect to tower into the air beyond the malice and  pursuit of man。  But I will work only on this condition察that the  art shall not be divulged察and that you shall not require me to  make wings for any but ourselves。;
;Why察─said Rasselas察 should you envy others so great an  advantage拭 All skill ought to be exerted for universal good察every  man has owed much to others察and ought to repay the kindness that  he has received。;
;If men were all virtuous察─returned the artist察 I should with  great alacrity teach them to fly。  But what would be the security  of the good if the bad could at pleasure invade them from the sky拭  Against an army sailing through the clouds neither walls察 mountains察nor seas could afford security。  A flight of northern  savages might hover in the wind and light with irresistible  violence upon the capital of a fruitful reason。  Even this valley察 the retreat of princes察the abode of happiness察might be violated  by the sudden descent of some of the naked nations that swarm on  the coast of the southern sea 
The Prince promised secrecy察and waited for the performance察not  wholly hopeless of success。  He visited the work from time to time察 observed its progress察and remarked many ingenious contrivances to  facilitate motion and unite levity with strength。  The artist was  every day more certain that he should leave vultures and eagles  behind him察and the contagion of his confidence seized upon the  Prince。  In a year the wings were finished察and on a morning  appointed the maker appeared察furnished for flight察on a little  promontory察he waved his pinions awhile to gather air察then leaped  from his stand察and in an instant dropped into the lake。  His  wings察which were of no use in the air察sustained him in the water察 and the Prince drew him to land half dead with terror and vexation。


THE Prince was not much afflicted by this disaster察having suffered  himself to hope for a happier event only because he had no other  means of escape in view。  He still persisted in his design to leave  the Happy Valley by the first opportunity。
His imagination was now at a stand察he had no prospect of entering  into the world察and察notwithstanding all his endeavours to support  himself察discontent by degrees preyed upon him察and he began again  to lose his thoughts in sadness when the rainy season察which in  these countries is periodical察made it inconvenient to wander in  the woods。
The rain continued longer and with more violence than had ever been  known察the clouds broke on the surrounding mountains察and the  torrents streamed into the plain on every side察till the cavern was  too narrow to discharge the water。  The lake overflowed its banks察 and all the level of the valley was covered with the inundation。   The eminence on which the palace was built察and some other spots of  rising ground察were all that the eye could now discover。  The herds  and flocks left the pasture察and both the wild beasts and the tame  retreated to the mountains。
This inundation confined all the princes to domestic amusements察 and the attention of Rasselas was particularly seized by a poem  which Imlac rehearsed upon the various conditions of humanity。   He commanded the poet to attend him in his apartment察and recite  his verses a second time察then entering into familiar talk察he  thought himself happy in having found a man who knew the world so  well察and could so skilfully paint the scenes of life。  He asked a  thousand questions about things to which察though common to all  other mortals察his confinement from childhood had kept him a  stranger。  The poet pitied his ignorance察and loved his curiosity察 and entertained him from day to day with novelty and instruction so  that the Prince regretted the necessity of sleep察and longed till  the morning should renew his pleasure。
As they were sitting together察the Prince commanded Imlac to relate  his history察and to tell by what accident he was forced察or by what  motive induced察to close his life in the Happy Valley。  As he was  going to begin his narrative察Rasselas was called to a concert察and  obliged to restrain his curiosity till the evening。


THE close of the day is察in the regions of the torrid zone察the  only season of diversion and entertainment察and it was therefore  midnight before the music ceased and the princesses retired。   Rasselas then called for his companion察and required him to begin  the story of his life。
;Sir察─said Imlac察 my history will not be long此 the life that is  devoted to knowledge passes silently away察and is very little  diversified by events。  To talk in public察to think in solitude察to  read and to hear察to inquire and answer inquiries察is the business  of a scholar。  He wanders about the world without pomp or terror察 and is neither known nor valued but by men like himself。
;I was born in the kingdom of Goiama察at no great distance from the  fountain of the Nile。  My father was a wealthy merchant察who traded  between the inland countries of Africa and the ports of the Red  Sea。  He was honest察frugal察and diligent察but of mean sentiments  and narrow comprehension察he desired only to be rich察and to  conceal his riches察lest he should be spoiled by the governors of  the province。;
;Surely察─said the Prince察 my father must be negligent of his  charge if any man in his dominions dares take that which belongs to  another。  Does he not know that kings are accountable for injustice  permitted as well as done拭 If I were Emperor察not the meanest of  my subjects should he oppressed with impunity。  My blood boils when  I am told that a merchant durst not enjoy his honest gains for fear  of losing them by the ra

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